Welcome to the first annual Boomtown Overland Swap Meet at the Big Iron Overland Rally. Boomtown Overland Swap Meet is brought to you by Actiontrax.

The Boomtown Overland Swap Meet is a place for you to help shed some of that extra weight that you have been carrying around for years. Each piece of equipment you carry should serve more than one purpose when adventuring and now you have a place to sell or swap those that do not.

This year is our first year offering the Swap Meet to our attendees, we plan to grow this addition to a much larger scale in the years to come.

The Boomtown Overland Swap Meet is free for attendees with a vehicle based camp space for 2022. You will be able to sell and trade your equipment out of your camp sites this year. Anybody who wants to participate should let us know upon check in to get placed in the designated Boomtown Swap Meet camping area.

You are welcome to sell and swap gear anytime you like, however we will advertise it being open to everyone at certain times during each day so that you will not be tied down to your camp site all weekend.

Boomtown Overland Swap Meet hours:

Friday 6/10, 3pm to 6pm

Saturday 6/11, 9am to 12pm

  • Please keep your gear that is for sale in an obvious place so that traders can view it easily.
  • Please keep you gear within your camp area.
  • Please be available during posted swap meet hours