Take the scenic route

With the help of some awesome locals, we have found the first scenic drive of the Big Iron Overland Rally, we are naming this route the Miners Run ⚒ 🔦

Miners Run will take you south from Big Brutus, Inc throughout the 13 miles of strip pits that the machine dug. There you will find fishing ponds, dispersed camping sites, and kayaking opportunities. From the strip pits you will work your way through Oswego, then a series of scenic gravel roads along the Neosho river to the Oklahoma/Kansas boarder.

Ride along the boarder for several miles until you see the HUGE chat piles leading you into America’s most toxic city, Picher, OK. ☠️ In 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency evacuated the town, deeming it unlivable. The Picher area’s population dropped from 1,640 to 20 in less than a decade.

Once you leave Picher, travel the local 2 track road until you reach Baxter Springs. Grab a slice of pizza and a brew at Bricks and Brews. It’s a short drive from there to the train museum, be sure to check it out and head on back for some great music!

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